The Wild 5 Countdown for July 21, 2010

Ottawa Bluesfest is done and over with. This week’s top 5 has some lasting effects from Bluesfest. There are 2 droppers and 2 debuts. Here’s the list.

1. The Suburbs – Arcade Fire (8 Weeks – I still can’t get over their performance at Bluesfest and still anticipating their upcoming album)

2. Swift Coin – Land Talk  (Debut – Liz Powell and her band returns! New album, Cloak And Cipher coming in August)

3. We Don’t Want Your Body – Stars (Debut – They also had a great performance at Bluesfest on Friday night)

4. Rose Garden – Shad (Falling down 2 spots)

5. Ghost Pressure – Wolf Parade (Falling down 2 spots)

You can listen to the Wild 5 by pressing play.