The Wild 5 Countdown Plus 5 Equals 10 and Radio Show Including More Arcade Fire

I decided to do an extended edition of the countdown as there’s just several new tracks from Canadian indie artists to play and wanted to give some support.
Since my regular blog is still on a Summer break, the radio show is posted here as I didn’t air any interviews, just music for 2 hours. The second hour of the show was a preview for the acts playing at The Ottawa Folk Festival. From my Twitter and email, I got recommended to an up and coming singer as I played a song her. That’s right, it’s Allie Hughes. I mentioned on the show that I was unfortunate to watch this Summer reality show on CBC in 2008.
Not much change for the number one song as it’s still Arcade Fire. They’re doing very well on the UK and the US album charts.

Without further ado, here’s the top 10 from the airing of August 11th;

1. The Suburbs – Arcade Fire (11 weeks and the album has done great everywhere and it’s even #1 on CKCU’s Top 20 Albums)

2. Hand To Hold – Adaline (Still steady at #2 and recently announced her full length is in post-production)

3. More & More & More – The Mountains & The Trees (New entry and I had the opportunity to meet him last week at Cube Gallery. Great guy and he channels Dan Mangan in this song)

4. White Wolves – Bravestation (Falling down a spot from #3)

5. Carve A Path Like A Valley Through The Land – Nightwood (New entry and I got to see them again on Friday night. Such a long song title)

6. Quarry Hymns – Land of Talk (Replacing Swift Coin as the release of their upcoming album nears)

7. Slip Away – Kathryn Calder (Replacing All It Is and is currently The X3 Artist of the Month for August)

8. Old Fangs – Black Mountain (Finally enters the countdown as their upcoming album is nearing release)

9. Plastic Slides – Winter Gloves (New entry as this song was released recently. All Red, their second album comes out on Sept. 7)

10. Rose Garden – Shad (Entering the countdown for one last time)

The playlist for the August 11th radio show is at this link.