The Wild 5 Countdown Plus 5 Again Along with Interviews From Ottawa Folk Festival

I should call this the Ottawa Folk Festival edition as the majority of the radio show was pre-taped. The first time my show was barely live until after the number two song was played.
On the show, there were several interviews from Ottawa Folk Festival consisting of Rolf Klausener of The Acorn, Aidan Knight, Jill Zmud, & Jim Bryson. All four interviews were great and light-hearted, hope you will enjoy it. The funny part with the Aidan Knight interview was Rolf joining a bit of the conversation.
As for the countdown, one of the new song entry, it is getting some buzz due to releasing a song via Twitter. Plus, there’s still more Arcade Fire songs that I played.
There’s one segment that’s podcasted but the sound quality is not great. I played some J-POP songs from the year 2000 as way of feeling nostalgic.

Here’s the countdown for August 18th;

1. The SuburbsArcade Fire (12 weeks! Most likely the final time it’s at #1)

2. Hand To HoldAdaline (Steady for 3 weeks so far. I read something about an announcement. Must be some hype)

3. More & More & MoreThe Mountains & The Trees (Steady for the 2nd week.)

4. Carve A Path Like A Valley Through The LandNightwood (Up a spot. If you listened, I quietly unveiled a new countdown jingle)

5. White WolvesBravestation (Down a spot but still on the important top 5 countdown)

6. Quarry HymnsLand of Talk (Steady for the 2nd week. Cloak and Cipher will be released soon)

7. Plastic SlidesWinter Gloves (Climbing up 2 spots. Somehow, the new album is available at CKCU-FM)

8. Rose GardenShad (Climbing up 2 spots as it seems like the song is getting some resurgence elsewhere)

9. This Cityhotshotcasino (New entry. It’s creating some headlines as these four uOttawa alums are using Twitter to promote their music.)

10. Old FangsBlack Mountain (Down two spots.)
You can listen to the show by pressing play and don’t forget to check the playlist at this link. I didn’t explain on-air why the songs are at that number.

WildWorks Extra for August 18: Press play to listen.