The Wild 10 Countdown for September 1, 2010: Summer Wrap-Up

New month and it’s still scorching hot outside. It’s now permanent that the countdown is expanded to top 10. It was previously mentioned that the top 5 is too small to cover the popular tracks. Also on the show was Summer music wrap as I played the artists and bands that I got see live and interview at festivals and shows. Without further ado, here’s the top 10 list for September 1st. A new number song to start off the new month.

1. More & More & More – The Mountain & The Trees. (1st week. Let’s just say that the song was played on Degrassi)

2. Hand To Hold – Adaline (Falling down from the number one spot.)

3. White Wolves – Bravestation (Steady but they’re getting lot of reviews from their 2010 EP)

4. Quarry Hymns – Land of Talk (They are September’s X3 Artist of the Month and the music video just release.)

5. This City – hotshotcasino (Making the top 5 spot.)

6. Plastic Slides – Winter Gloves (Album just released on iTunes and various music stores.)

7. A Good Name – Shad (Going up two spots from #9.)

8. The Suburbs – Arcade Fire (Falling down from #5. It’s considered my Summer song of 2010.)

9. Winchester Warm – Winchester Warm (Going up a spot from #10.)

10. Be A PathThe Love Machine (New entry as they recently did a CD release show on Saturday night.)

Don’t forget to check the playlist by going to this link for all your Summer wrap up needs.

You can listen to the show by pressing play (below).