The Wild 10 Countdown & Radio Show (Season Premiere) on September 8, 2010

Supposedly, I haven’t got to write a new entry to start the sixth season on my main blog, but it will be slightly delayed. This sub-blog will do for now.
I started off the second season of the radio show and the top 10 countdown is now permanent. We got a new number song to start off the second season.
In the final half-hour of the show, I played some Cantopop tunes and then some Leslie Cheung songs as his birthday would be on September 12th, if he was still around.
Here’s the top 10 countdown;

1. Quarry Hymns – Land of Talk (New at #1, jumped from #4 last week)

2. More & More & More – The Mountain & The Trees (fallen from the #1 spot)

3. White Wolves – Bravestation (Steady and don’t forget to listen to the interview)

4. Hand To Hold – Adaline (Falling down from #2)

5. This City – hotshotcasino (Steady from last week)

6. A Good Name – Shad (Going up a few spots)

7. The Hair SongBlack Mountain (New entry)

8. Be A Path – The Love Machine (Up two spots)

9. The Suburbs – Arcade Fire (Down a spot, it’s maybe the final time on the countdown)

10. Plastic Slides – Winter Gloves (Going down)

Don’t forget to check the playlist on what was played at this link.
The Bravestation interview – press play to listen or download it.

You can listen to the radio show by pressing play.″