The Wild 10 Countdown Along With Interviews From The Mountains & The Trees and Allie Hughes. Radio Show for September 15, 2010

I am still unable to write a good entry on my main blog. The radio show was jam packed as I aired two audio interviews. They were The Mountains & The Trees and Allie Hughes. My interview with Hughes is new for the second season of the show and hope you will like the interview as she is gaining some buzz and interest in Canadian music. Also on the radio show were some of the Polaris Music Prize Short List nominees being played. I apologize for skipping Karkwa as I did not have time on the show.
As for the countdown, there wasn’t any new debuts but there were several movers and shakers. Here’s the top 10;

1. Quarry Hymns – Land of Talk (2nd week at #1)

2. White Wolves – Bravestation (Going back up a spot as I got to see them on Friday night and they liked the interview)

3. More & More & More – The Mountains & The Trees (Down a spot and don’t forget to listen to the interview)

4. The Hair Song – Black Mountain (Jumping from #7 last week and Wilderness Heart is now released)

5. A Good Name – Shad (He’s on the Polaris Music Prize Short List as the Gala is drawing closer)

6. Be A Path – The Love Machine (They performed at Glebe’s Got Flavour last weekend)

7. Hand To Hold – Adaline (Falling down from #4)

8. This City – hotshotcasino (Falling from #5.)

9. Plastic Slides – Winter Gloves (They will be in Ottawa next week for a show at Mavericks)

10. The Suburbs – Arcade Fire (Was supposed to be gone last week. I thought the guest would come in)

Don’t forget to check the playlist by clicking here.
You can listen to the radio show by pressing play.

Audio Interviews – Allie Hughes and The Mountain & The Trees

Even though I haven’t started my regular blog yet, this week’s audio interviews will be placed here. In case you want to skip the radio show and listen to the interviews. That’s the photo of Allie Hughes.
Allie Hughes – Press play to listen or download it.

The Mountain & The Trees – Press play to listen or download it.