The Wild 10 Countdown for October 6, 2010

This week’s countdown has a new number one song throughout the countdown, I forgot to say “The Wild 10 Countdown” on air.   It was my own mistake because of POP Montreal materials. One of the new entries on the countdown isn’t a brand new song. Some of the songs on the countdown were based on appearances at POP Montreal. Here’s the top 10 for the first week of October, 2010;

1. The Hair Song – Black Mountain (1st Week at #1)

2. We, Myself, And I – Shad (Going up a spot. TSOL now released in the States)

3. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) – Arcade Fire (Up a spot. I’m still liking the song. The new co-host likes the band)

4. Quarry Hymns – Land of Talk (Formerly at #1, falls down 3 spots)

5. Wait & See – Diamond Rings (New entry. His full length debut album comes out on October 26)

6. Tell Me, Cancer – Forest City Lovers (New entry. The music video was just released)

7. Up In The Belfry – Winchester Warm (Up 2 spots.)

8. Not The Stars – Allie Hughes (Up 2 spots. Just supporting her)

9. Elephant Lamp – The Balconies (New entry. They won $5000 on Friday night in Ottawa for this competition and got to see them at POP Montreal.)

10. The Look of Love – Renee Yoxon (New entry. Her debut album, Let’s Call It Day was released on Friday night. For Jazz listeners.)