The Wild 10 Countdown for October 20, 2010

This week’s countdown is the week before CKCU’s annual funding driver. It was also the week when I was without a co-host. There was excitement as there’s a new number one song on the countdown. Bumping off The Hair Song by Black Mountain was Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by Arcade Fire.
There was an airplay gainer from Ottawa’s Jim Bryson as he’s joined by The Weakerthans and releasing The Falcon Lake Incident.
As for next week’s plan, the countdown will continue but the songs may be shortened. We’ll see what happens.

Here’s the top 10 list.

1. Sprawl II  (Mountains Beyond Mountains) – Arcade Fire (New at #1)

2. The Hair Song – Black Mountain (Falling off the number one spot)

3. Metal Girls – Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans (Greatest airplay gainer, jumping 7 spots. Album is now released)

4. We, Myself, And I – Shad (Falling down a spot)

5. Something Else – Diamond Rings (Song is steady but his debut album comes out and he will be in Ottawa as well)

6. Quarry Hymns – Land of Talk (Falling down a spot)

7. Not The Stars – Allie Hughes (Going up a spot and a new #7 countdown jingle as it’s based on Girls on Film by Duran Duran)

8. Tell Me, Cancer – Forest City Lovers (Going down a spot)

9. Up in the Belfry – Winchester Warm (Going down. They had a show last Saturday at Raw Sugar Cafe)

10. Bitter Beauty – Jason Collett (New entry as the album got released last week and was in Ottawa on Sunday for a show)

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