The Wild 10 Countdown for December 8, 2010

Supposedly, the December 8th edition of the Wild 10 Countdown was the final countdown of 2010, but I found out I got lots of time for the extended for the couple of Wednesdays. It means that next Wednesday will be the final countdown of 2010 and it will be a random kind as the current 10 songs will be mixed around in the positions.
This week’s countdown had no new entries as the Christmas holiday nears. There were a few gainers, a few non-movers and a few droppers. As mentioned from my blog, I had The Mountains & The Trees as a surprise guest during the countdown. Here’s the list.

1. Wild Folk – Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans (2nd week at the number one spot)

2. Not In Love (featuring Robert Smith) – Crystal Castles (Steady at #2)

3. Something Else – Diamond Rings (Also steady at #3 since last week)

4. PUSH – Rich Aucoin (Going up from #5 last week)

5.  Minimum Wage Lovers – The Mountains & The Trees (Going up to #5. He was in Ottawa recently and had a sold out show at The Black Sheep Inn)

6. Not The Stars – Allie Hughes (Down from #4 last week. She’s doing a Christmas show)

7. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) – Arcade Fire (Even though they earned a Grammy Award nomination, the song is dropping)

8. Little Voice – Rebekah Higgs (Going up a spot. She will be in Ottawa next weekend)

9. Please Bless – Tanya Davis (Going up a spot. She had a good show and turnout at The Black Sheep Inn last Friday)

10. Stumble – Bonjay (Slightly going down)