The Wild 10 Countdown for February 2, 2011

It’s a new month a new number one to kick off February. That’s right, it’s Montreal’s Young Galaxy taking the top spot as their new album, Shapeshifting is partially out (currently out on iTunes). They are also the X3 Artist of the Month. The only new debut on the countdown is Hey Rosetta! They have a new album coming out this month as well. Overall, there’s not a lot of movement on the countdown and it’s also the final live broadcast as it will be moved to the blog as a podcast. The Wild 10 Countdown will still continue, just not on live terrestrial radio.
Here’s the list.

1. Peripheral Visionaries – Young Galaxy (1st week at #1)

2. Paradise Mountain – Jenn Grant (Down a spot. Temporary replacing Getcha Good on the final live broadcast)

3. Welcome – Hey Rosetta! (new entry)

4. Lemonade – Braids (Steady. Temporary replacing Plath Heart)

5. Tornado ’87 – The Rural Alberta Advantage (Temporary replacing Stamp)

6. Little Voice – Rebekah Higgs (Down from #2)

7. I Want The Lights on After Dark – Memphis (Steady)

8. Chinatown – Destroyer (steady)

9. Hot Mess (featuring Elly Jackson) – Chromeo (down from #6)

10. Wild Folk – Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans