The Wild 10 Countdown for February 9, 2011

It’s a new chapter for the countdown as it will be shifted to the blog as a podcast. The good thing is that it will be continuing on but no longer being on the airwaves for the time being. This week’s countdown, there’s no new entries but the top three songs are somewhat in a competitive beat as they are getting popular through airplay and digital release. Without ado, here’s the top 10.
I decided to include the radio show as it could be easier to listen if you do not prefer to listen from the main blog.

1. We Have Everything – Young Galaxy (2nd week as this song is currently out as a music video)

2. Welcome – Hey Rosetta! (Their new album, Seeds, comes out on February 15)

3. Stamp – The Rural Alberta Advantage (Going back up and two of the members appeared on MuchMusic’s The Wedge)

4. Plath Heart – Braids (Steady as they’re still getting airplay)

5. Getcha Good – Jenn Grant (Falling down from #2 last week)

6. I Want The Lights On After Dark – Memphis (Going up a spot)

7. Chinatown – Destroyer (Going up a spot)

8. Hot Mess (featuring Elly Jackson) – Chromeo (Going back up)

9. Little Voice – Rebekah Higgs (Falling down from #6 last week)

10. Wild Folk – Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans (Steady again at #10 as he will be back in Ottawa for Friday night)

Audio – The Radio Show for February 9, 2011
You can listen to the entire radio show by pressing play. The concise playlist is at this link.

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