The Wild 10 Countdown for March 2, 2011

Photo by Vanessa Heins

New month and no new entries on The Wild 10 Countdown but there’s a new number one song to kick off March as you see from the photo on top. That’s right! It’s The Rural Alberta Advantage as their second studio album is officially released. Also happening in March is the X3 Artist of the Month and it’s Newfoundland & Labrador’s Hey Rosetta! Welcome drops down to #2 and could stay strong within the top 5 as it gets a good boost for March. Also trailing to the top spot is Memphis as their album, Here Comes A City arrives next week.
Without further ado, here’s the top 10.

1. Stamp – The Rural Alberta Advantage (Taking the top spot)

2. Welcome – Hey Rosetta! (Last week at #1)

3. I Am The Photographer – Memphis (Temporarily replacing I Want The Lights On After Dark)

4. Peripheral Visionaries – Young Galaxy (Last week at #2)

5. Paper Airplane (featuring Jenn Grant) – Buck 65 (Going up)

6. Hummingbird – Imaginary Cities (Going up)

7. Plath Heart – Braids (Going down)

8. How I Met You – Jenn Grant (Steady)

9. Leftovers – PS I Love You & Diamond Rings (Going up)

10. Hot Mess (featuring Elly Jackson) – Chromeo (Going down. Song finally out on iTunes Canada)