The Wild 10 Countdown for March 9, 2011

Photo by Vanessa Heins

For another week, The Rural Alberta Advantage stays on top on the countdown. Not much further to say about them except that Departing is still an excellent album. There were two new debuts on the countdown and they are Snailhouse and Jill Barber. For the time being, I posted the March 9th edition of the radio show on CKCU-FM. Included on the show were the two interviews from We Are City and Aidan Knight. Those two will be posted on a future entry on the regular blog at wildworks. Here’s the top 10.

1. Stamp – Rural Alberta Advantage (2nd week)

2. I Want The Lights On After Dark – Memphis (steady and the album, Here Comes A City is out)

3. Welcome – Hey Rosetta! (steady and still going strong as they are the X3 Artist of the Month for March)

4. Peripheral Visionaries – Young Galaxy (steady and they will be in town on Saturday night. Plus a remix of You Have Everything is out.)

5. Hummingbird – Imaginary Cities (Going up a spot to the big 5)

6. Tell Me – Jill Barber (New entry and it’s the return of Jill Barber as her upcoming album, Mischievous Moon comes out on April 5th)

7. Paper Airplane (featuring Jenn Grant) – Buck 65 (Going down)

8. Plath Heart – Braids (Going down)

9. Sentimental Gentleman – Snailhouse (New entry and the album from the same title comes out on May 24th)

10. How I Met You – Jenn Grant (Going down)

Audio – Radio Show
You can listen to the March 9th edition of WildWorks. The playlist is at this link.
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