The Wild 10 Countdown for April 6, 2011

Since February’s demise, the countdown returned to the airwaves for the one time only due to filling in. It’s awhile I have done the countdown live on the radio. I’ve been getting used to putting as a podcast. For the summary, there was one new debut, a couple of droppers and a couple of songs going up. Memphis stays on top for a fourth week. Here’s the top 10.

1. I Want The Lights On After Dark – Memphis (4th week at #1)

2. Tell Me – Jill Barber (Going up. Mischievous Moon got released this week)

3. Sentimental Gentleman – Snailhouse (Going up)

4. Stamp – The Rural Alberta Advantage (Going down)

5. I Feel You – Sam Roberts Band (Going up)

6. Bad Ritual – Timber Timbre (Going up. Their new album, Creep On Creepin’ On got released and they are April’s X3 Artist of the Month)

7. Welcome – Hey Rosetta! (Going down)

8. Lose It – Austra (Going up)

9. Peripheral Visionaries – Young Galaxy (Going down)

10. The Prime Minister’s Daughter – Library Voices (New entry)