The Return of The Wild 10 Countdown. Entry for June 1, 2011

Apologies for not keeping up to date on the top 10 countdown. I got bogged down with other things happening. OK, I decided to post it up because there’s a new number one song to kick off June’s countdown.

That’s right! The Balconies is number one for Kill Count as it bumped off Chad VanGaalen. The reason to have it at number one is to make the top 10 interesting. The only debut is Arcade Fire with Culture War and the greatest gainer being Lose It by Austra. Without further ado, here’s the top 10 for June 1st, 2011.

1. Kill Count –  The Balconies (New at #1)

2. Lose It – Austra (Greatest gainer)

3. Repatriated – Handsome Furs

4. Sara – Chad VanGaalen

5. Culture War – Arcade Fire (New entry)

6. Northern Air – Elliott Brood

7. I Never Woke Up – Snailhouse

8. Longitude – Sam Roberts Band

9. Tell Me – Jill Barber

10. Alright OK! – Masia One