The Wild 10 Countdown for July 6, 2011 & Radio Show (Summer Season)

For the Summer months, this blog will be updated than the main blog. Finally, it’s back to full form.
This week’s countdown was slightly off due the Canada Day festivities. No new entries, just the same songs but mixed around in the positions. New number one song to kick off July is Handsome Furs as their album dropped last week and they are also The X3 Artist of the Month.  In this entry, the radio show is included. Without further ado, here’s the top 10;

1. What About Us – Handsome Furs (1st week)

2. Culture War – Arcade Fire

3. Generation Handclap – Library Voices

4. Lose It – Austra

5. Northern Air – Elliott Brood

6. Soviet Race – Graham Wright

7. Queen of Hearts – Fucked Up

8. Sara – Chad VanGaalen

9. I Miss You When You’re Gone – Matthew Barber

10. Kill Count – The Balconies

The playlist from the radio show at CKCU-FM is at this link.

The July 6, 2011 Summer radio show – press play to listen.