The Wild 10 Countdown for July 27, 2011 and Amy Winehouse

July is wrapping up and this week’s top 10 has a new number. Bumping off Handsome Furs is none other than Arcade Fire. They take the top spot as the special edition of The Suburbs will be releasing soon. The only debut on the countdown is The Midway State. Ohbijou and Dan Mangan are considered the greatest gainers as they’re getting a lot of play on various radio shows on CKCU-FM and CHUO-FM.

Aside from that, there was a tribute to Amy Winehouse for the first and second hour of the radio show and podcast. It’s not hard to avoid her death as she was a prominent figure in the music industry in the 2000’s. She had an incredible voice but a tortured soul due to alcohol and drug abuse. She will be greatly missed in the music industry. As mentioned on the show, if she never existed, there wouldn’t be a Lady GaGa or Adele.

Without further ado, here’s the top 10 list.

1. Culture WarArcade Fire (new at #1)

2. Oh FortuneDan Mangan

3. NiagaraOhbijou

4. Northern AirElliott Brood

5. What About UsHandsome Furs (former #1)

6. Soviet Race – Graham Wright

7. Generation Handclap – Library Voices

8. Lose It – Austra

9. Gosh, Darn, DamnRebekah Higgs

10. Fire! – The Midway State.

The radio show playlist for July 27th is at this link.

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