The Wild 10 Countdown for January 4, 2012 and The Top 11 Non-Canadian Indie Music of 2011

Welcome back and it’s 2012 as The Wild 10 Countdown returns after a holiday absence from the year-end countdown and Christmas tunes.
In starting the new year, the countdown slightly brings a new slate or old slate as there weren’t any new tunes coming out during December. After 4 weeks on top, Coeur de Pirate falls and taking over the top spot is Kathleen Edwards with Change The Sheet. Her forthcoming album, Voyageur will be out on January 17th.
Debuting tracks for the brand new year are Little City and Plants & Animals as they have new materials to be released this month and the next.
I’ve decided to post up the top 11 non-Canadian indie music of 2011 on here because it was played on the live show on CKCU-FM. I had a tough decision to putting the year ender for 2011. It had to be Lykke Li on top because she had a great year with her second studio album, Wounded Rhymes. There were others in the top 11 that I also enjoyed putting in. There were surprises like Lana Del Rey and Neon Indian as they’ve been getting a lot of buzz from music critics and bloggers. One of the most unlikely choice in the top 11 was Emmy The Great.
Here are the lists;

The Wild 10 Countdown for January 4, 2012

1. Change The Sheets – Kathleen Edwards (1st week at #1)

2. Adieu – Coeur de Pirate

3. Lines – Said The Whale

4. It – Rich Aucoin

5. I Won’t Try To Break Your Heart – Crissi Cochrane

6. Graveyard – Feist

7. Lightshow – Plants & Animals

8. Niagara – Ohbijou [YouTube link]

9. Post-War Blues – Dan Mangan

10. Sperry – Little City

The Top 11 Non-Canadian Indie Music of 2011

1. I Follow Rivers – Lykke Li [YouTube link]

2. Calgary – Bon Iver

3. Iris – Emmy The Great

4. Young Blood – The Naked & Famous

5. Marathon – Tennis

6. Go Outside – Cults [YouTube link]

7. Blue Jeans – Lana Del Rey [YouTube link]

8. Cruel – St. Vincent

9. Midnight City – M83

10. Don’t Move – Phantogram

11. Hex Girlfriend – Neon Indian

Audio Archive
January 4th, 2012 (Part 1) – Press play to listen. The Wild 10 Countdown.

January 4th, 2012 (Part 2) – Press play to listen. The Top 11 Non-Canadian Indie Music of 2011.