The Wild 10 Countdown for January 11, 2012

For the second week, Change The Sheets by Kathleen Edwards is number one as Voyageur will be released on iTunes and music stores on January 17th. The new entries for this week are Toronto’s Hands & Teeth and The Weeknd.
This is a test of sorts as I’m posting the audio on this week’s entry if it’s easy to listen from here.
Here’s the top 10;

1. Change The Sheets – Kathleen Edwards

2. La petite mort – Coeur de Pirate

3. Lines – Said The Whale

4. I Won’t Try To Break Your Heart – Crissi Cochrane

5. It – Rich Aucoin

6. Graveyard – Feist

7. Lightshow – Plants & Animals

8. Outside – The Weeknd

9. Sperry – Little City

10. Hunting Season – Hands & Teeth

Press play to listen.