The Wild 10 Countdown for March 20, 2013

The Matinee

It’s the first day of Spring and this week’s Wild 10 Countdown has The Matinée on the top spot. This week is considered unique as there are new entries from likes of Language Arts, The Crackling and Ghostkeeper. Aside from that, it’s mentioned on the podcast that Jewel by Gold & Youth has become a favourite track as it’s become very catchy and hypnotic. It’s definitely a big time sure shot on the countdown this week.
Enjoy the first day of Spring edition of the countdown. Here’s the top 10;

1. Let Her Go – The Matinée
2. Headphones – Mounties
3. Jewel – Gold & Youth
4. Home – Austra
5. Sweet Tooth – Blue Hawaii
6. Chasing The Sunset – Imaginary Cities
7. Something To Me – Data Romance
8. Wonderkind – Language Arts
9. Luella – Ghostkeeper
10. The Crackling – The Crackling

Other Songs Played

Before The Wild 10 Countdown
Diane Young – Vampire Weekend

After The Wild 10 Countdown
Stranger (featuring Saukrates) – Maestro Fresh Wes
Rooftop Archipelagos – HonHeeHonHee
Edge of the Ocean – Quiet Parade
Grand Prize Drawl – GROUNDERS
Born Again (Luke Lalonde Remix) – DIANA
Edie’s Dream – Suuns
Speed The Collapse – Metric
City of Light – The Wooden Sky
Lay Me Down – Cold Specks
Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It – Stars

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