The Wild 10 Countdown for April 10, 2013

This week’s countdown has five new entries. The most for debuts on the countdown in quite awhile. We have the likes of In-Flight Safety, Maylee Todd and We Are The City, while having newcomers, Chris Ho and The Kostanzas.
The reason for The Kostanzas in the countdown as they were on The Strombo Show a few weeks back and it’s fitting to give this up and coming rock band from Toronto some support.
Chris Ho’s album, City of Dust was released in January. The reason he’s on the top 10 as he’s nominated in two categories for Vancouver Island Music Awards and getting airplays on some radio shows.
The number one spot for this week goes to Young Galaxy as their album, Ultramarine will be out in a few week. The band released the single to New Summer and it has a remixed track by Doldrums. The remixed track is used as the number one track for this week.
Without further ado, here’s the top 10 and other songs played on the April 10 podcast for WildWorks.

1. New Summer (Doldrums Remix) – Young Galaxy
2. Home – Austra
3. Jewel – Gold & Youth
4. Anchor Down – Gianna Lauren
5. Doesn’t Make Sense – Chris Ho
6. Destroy – In-Flight Safety
7. At Midnight – The Besnard Lakes
8. Hieroglyphics – Maylee Todd
9. Baptism – We Are The City
10. Love Your Money – The Kostanzas

Other Songs Played (Podcast on WildWorks [First Part])

Before The Wild 10 Countdown
Demons – The National

After The Wild 10 Countdown
Inner Mini-Mississippi – Snowblink
Red Rover, Red Rover – Woodpigeon
Night Danger – Roberta Bondar
Speedboats (David Newfield Version) – Grounders

Backyard Skulls – Frightened Rabbit
Let’s Fall In Love – Mother Mother
Electric Music – Band of Horses
This Was Your Town – Chaze featuring Casey Mecija

Landscape In The Mist – Dirty Beaches