The Wild 10 Countdown for September 12, 2012

It’s a brand new season of WildWorks at CKCU-FM and this week’s top 10 has the usual heavy hitters. For the second week on rhe top spot, Hannah Georgas stays at the number one spot. Two new debuts on the countdown were Jason Collett and Jenn Grant as they will be releasing new albums in late September. To keep it short, here’s the top 10.
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1. Robotic – Hannah Georgas (2nd week).
2. I’m Just Me – Diamond Rings
3. Lights Changing Colour – Stars
4. Spirit In The Sky – Evening Hymns
5. Little Bug – Gabrielle Papillon
6. In The Belly of a Dragon – Jenn Grant (New)
7. Prairie Girl – Rah Rah
8. No Glamour In The Hammer – Whitehorse
9. Buttons – Snowblink
10. Where Things Go Wrong – Jason Collett

The Wild 10 Countdown for September 5, 2012 and Radio Show

It’s a brand new month and there’s a change in the top 10 to begin September. Hannah Georgas bumps off Stars from the top spot. Lots of new albums coming out for September and October. It’s good to be a music fan.

The Summer edition of the radio show concluded this week as a new season will be next week. Returning next week will be the co-host, Lauren, as she returns from her Summer break. For the time being, the radio show will be a fully live 2 hour show. It will be exciting for the fourth season of WildWorks at CKCU-FM. The regular will return to a new season as well. Keep an eye next week when things will resume back into swing.

You can listen to the show from below and here’s the top ten.

1. Robotic – Hannah Georgas (1st Week)
2. Backlines – Stars
3. I’m Just Me – Diamond Rings
4. Plague – Crystal Castles
5. Song To Sleep To – Evening Hymns
6. Would That Not Be Nice – Divine Fits
7. Little Bug – Gabrielle Papillon
8. Jane – Whitehorse
9. Art & A Wife – Rah Rah
10. Unsurfed Waves – Snowblink

Audio/Radio Show
The September 5th Radio Show – Playlist is at this link.
Press play to listen.

The Wild 10 Countdown for August 29, 2012 and Radio Show

Photo by Norman Wong
(Photo by Norman Wong)

This is the second last show for the Summer edition of WildWorks at CKCU-FM. Aside from the countdown, the show itself was on the “sea” side as songs with name, sea were played. Songs from the likes of Beach House, Louise Burns, Feist and etc.
On the top 10, Stars continues to be number one for the fourth week as The North will be dropped next week. New entries are Evening Hymns and Rah Rah as they are getting plays on various radio shows.
The audio will be posted below and here’s the top 10 for August 29th.

1. Backlines – Stars (4th week)
2. Robotic – Hannah Georgas
3. I’m Just Me – Diamond Rings
4. Plague – Crystal Castles
5. Cartographist – Purity Ring
6. There Are Wolves – Papermaps
7. Morning Sun – The Wilderness of Manitoba
8. Little Bug – Gabrielle Papillon
9. Art & A Wife – Rah Rah
10. You And Jake – Evening Hymns

Audio/Radio Show
The August 29th Radio Show – The playlist is at this link. Press play to listen.