The Wild 10 Countdown for November 10, 2010

Since the 2010 CKCU-FM Funding Drive is done and over for another year, the countdown still continues on. This week had some new entries and the reason as a few of the songs released their music videos on the Internet. As usual, Arcade Fire is still on top for the Wild 10 Countdown. Here’s the list.

1. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) – Arcade Fire (4th at #1. They will be on SNL for their second appearance. I can’t wait but won’t be able to watch it live as I will be attending CKCU’s 35 Anniversary Party)

2. Constellation – Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans (Song is steady again. Aside from Mr. Bryson sporting a ‘tasche, he’s still getting airplays on various CKCU shows)

3. Something Else – Diamond Rings (Steady. I aired the audio interview for the show and he’s still getting plays as he’s November’s X3 Artist of the Month)

4. Not The Stars – Allie Hughes (Up a spot. She’s still hovering on the countdown and she’s still doing a couple of concerts in the Greater Toronto area)

5. We, Myself, And I – Shad (Going back to the Big 5. He’s got his own coffee but only in the Vancouver area)

6. Red Lights – Holy Fuck (Song is going up. I am still loving the music video)

7. Not In Love (featuring Robert Smith) – Crystal Castles (New entry. A new version of Not In Love with The Cure’s Robert Smith. Coming in December)

8. Lonely’s Lunch – You Say Party (New entry. Not a brand new song but it’s the music video that’s been released on the Internet)

9. Surf’s Up – Winchester Warm (Up a spot. I gotta thank Mr. Pearce for donating to my show and another show for the Funding Drive)

10. Push – Rich Aucoin (New entry. The music video was released recently and it’s unique video because it’s on traditional 3-D. A great way to dance to the song.)

The Wild 10 Countdown for November 3, 2010 – Funding Drive Show #2

This week’s countdown had no new debuts, there were a few movers and shakers for the Wild 10. This was the second and final Funding Drive Show edition and I had no assistance because of other factors happening. I’m pleased with the donations during the countdown and around the second hour of the show. Without further ado, here’s the top 10.

1. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)Arcade Fire (3rd week at #1. They will be the musical guest on SNL for November 13th).

2. ConstellationJim Bryson & The Weakerthans (Steady at #2. He’s still getting airplay on various CKCU shows)

3. Something ElseDiamond Rings (Going up. He’s getting so much buzz because of the release of Special Affections. Expect the interview to be airing next week.)

4. The Hair SongBlack Mountain (Going down.)

5. Not The StarsAllie Hughes (Going up. She’s playing a couple of shows. Still one of my picks as she’s not getting airplay elsewhere)

6. We, Myself, And IShad (Going down. It’s off the big 5 as I am now calling it)

7. Serious BedtimeThe Balconies (Going up. They will be in town for a show on Friday night)

8. Red LightsHoly Fuck (Going up. Still digging the music video with the cats)

9. Quarry HymnsLand of Talk (Going down. Forgot to mention that their tour is resuming)

10. Surf’s UpWinchester Warm (Steady. They are opening up for Jim Bryson for his Christmas show at The Black Sheep Inn in December)

You can listen to the countdown from the first hour and the second hour of the radio show by pressing play.
Hour 1 – The countdown

Hour 2 – Make sure you listen to it right away as it won’t be on for long.

The Wild 10 Countdown for October 27, 2010 – Funding Drive Edition #1

From October 22 to November 7, CKCU is holding their Funding Drive and we need the listeners to call in to donate to keep shows going on for another year. Also, we need to keep equipment to be updated and all sorts. If you want to support community radio, you should call 613-520-3920 (in the Ottawa area), 1-877-520-3920 (outside of Ottawa) and donate online. The goal for the station is $110,000. This week’s countdown is not on hiatus from the funding drive, it is still going on no matter what. Here’s the top 10.

1. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) – Arcade Fire (2nd week at #1. There’s not much to say that it’s still a great song)

2. Constellation – Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans (It’s still getting lots of airplays on various CKCU shows)

3. Wait & See – Diamond Rings (Up a spot. Special Affections came out on Monday, instead of Tuesday’s whole slew of music releases. He’s in Ottawa on October 29th at Raw Sugar Cafe)

4. The Hair Song – Black Mountain (Down a few spots)

5. We, Myself, And I – Shad (Down a spot. Shad is still going strong with tours in the USA to promote TSOL)

6. Not The Stars – Allie Hughes (Up a spot. She’s continuing some live show in Toronto and parts of Southern/Western Ontario)

7. Quarry Hymns – Land of Talk (Going down slowly. The co-host still likes the band and song)

8. Serious Bedtime – The Balconies (New entry. Not a new song but congratulations to The Balconies for winning again last Friday for the Big Money Shot)

9. Red Lights – Holy Fuck (New entry. Such a cute and funny music with the cats. Plus the car chase between the cat and dog)

10. Up in the Belfry – Winchester Warm (Was supposed to be off the countdown as I decided to bump off Jason Collett instead. It’s staying on the countdown as the singer of the band donated for the show and another CKCU show)

You can listen to show by pressing play.
Oct. 27 show –

The Wild 10 Countdown for October 13, 2010

This week’s countdown is somewhat slow because it was the Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. There was one debut and almost the majority of the songs are steady. Here’s the top 10.

1. The Hair Song – Black Mountain (2nd week at #1)

2. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) – Arcade Fire (Going up a spot as it’s still my favourite song and it’s also my new co-host’s favorite too)

3. We, Myself, And I – Shad (Down a spot)

4. Quarry Hymns – Land of Talk (Steady. The reason why it hasn’t gone down because a certain host and show from another station played it last week)

5. Something Else – Diamond Rings (A replacement to Wait & See. Highly anticipating the new album)

6. Tell Me, Cancer – Forest City Lovers (Steady. The video is still nice to watch)

7. Up in the Belfry – Winchester Warm (Steady as they will be performing at Raw Sugar Cafe for the weekend)

8. Not The Stars – Allie Hughes (It’s on the CKCU Top 20 Albums Chart and I wonder why?)

9. Let’s Call It a Day – Renee Yoxon (Replacing “The Look of Love”)

10. Constellation – Jim Bryson and The Weakerthans (New entry as the song was released as a free mp3, limited to the first 200 people)

The Wild 5 Countdown Plus 5 Again Along with Interviews From Ottawa Folk Festival

I should call this the Ottawa Folk Festival edition as the majority of the radio show was pre-taped. The first time my show was barely live until after the number two song was played.
On the show, there were several interviews from Ottawa Folk Festival consisting of Rolf Klausener of The Acorn, Aidan Knight, Jill Zmud, & Jim Bryson. All four interviews were great and light-hearted, hope you will enjoy it. The funny part with the Aidan Knight interview was Rolf joining a bit of the conversation.
As for the countdown, one of the new song entry, it is getting some buzz due to releasing a song via Twitter. Plus, there’s still more Arcade Fire songs that I played.
There’s one segment that’s podcasted but the sound quality is not great. I played some J-POP songs from the year 2000 as way of feeling nostalgic.

Here’s the countdown for August 18th;

1. The SuburbsArcade Fire (12 weeks! Most likely the final time it’s at #1)

2. Hand To HoldAdaline (Steady for 3 weeks so far. I read something about an announcement. Must be some hype)

3. More & More & MoreThe Mountains & The Trees (Steady for the 2nd week.)

4. Carve A Path Like A Valley Through The LandNightwood (Up a spot. If you listened, I quietly unveiled a new countdown jingle)

5. White WolvesBravestation (Down a spot but still on the important top 5 countdown)

6. Quarry HymnsLand of Talk (Steady for the 2nd week. Cloak and Cipher will be released soon)

7. Plastic SlidesWinter Gloves (Climbing up 2 spots. Somehow, the new album is available at CKCU-FM)

8. Rose GardenShad (Climbing up 2 spots as it seems like the song is getting some resurgence elsewhere)

9. This Cityhotshotcasino (New entry. It’s creating some headlines as these four uOttawa alums are using Twitter to promote their music.)

10. Old FangsBlack Mountain (Down two spots.)
You can listen to the show by pressing play and don’t forget to check the playlist at this link. I didn’t explain on-air why the songs are at that number.

WildWorks Extra for August 18: Press play to listen.