The Wild 10 Countdown for July 17, 2013

Wild10 Vinyl July 17

Apologies for the delay due to the ridiculous heatwave. Louise Burns is still number one for the second week. The song chosen from her sophomore album, The Midnight Mass happened to be “Don’t Like Sunny Days.” Quite fitting to use it for the hot weather experiencing in Ontario.
Two new entries this week are Brendan Canning and CFCF.
Here’s the top 10 for this week;

1. Don’t Like Sunny Days – Louise Burns
2. Painful Like – Austra
3. Amends – Braids
4. Fire Me Up – Lightning Dust
5. Trip The Fantastic Light – Grand Analog featuring Maylee Todd and Len Bowen
6. Punch My Face – We Are The City
7. I Wanna Know – Maestro Fresh Wes featuring The Trews
8. I Love You – Said The Whale
9. Plugged In – Brendan Canning (New entry)
10. Camera – CFCF (New entry)

The Wild 10 Countdown for July 10, 2013

Wild 10 July 10th Vinyl

This week’s countdown finally has Louise Burns on the top spot. Her second album, The Midnight Mass got released on Tuesday through music stores and digital downloads. The style in the new album has more an 80s style and it’s worth listening to. The music video to Emeralds Shatter got released.
The only new entry on this week’s top 10 is from Shad & Skratch Bastid’s EP, The Spring Up. The track chosen was Homie, which features Cadence Weapon.
On the radio show itself, it was a best of interview segment by Data Romance. Originally aired in October (2012), you can watch the interview below. As usual, you can listen to the audio from below the top 10.
There were new music from Body Language and ASTR. There were a couple of flood songs as Toronto experienced heavy rain and power outages. You can check the playlist from the live show over at this link.
Here’s the top 10 list for July 10th

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The Wild 10 Countdown for July 3, 2013

Orchestrated Noise - Maestro Fresh Wes

It’s a brand new month and we’re half-way through 2013. Since it’s the post-Canada Day edition of the Wild 10 Countdown and Summer radio show, it’s still fitting for Maestro Fresh Wes to take the top spot for another week. Quite ironic to have Black Trudeau be number one for this week after celebrating Canada’s 146th birthday. The only new entry on the countdown is Grand Analog as the band will be releasing a new album in August.

As the regular blog is on a Summer break, the radio show will be recapped here. As mentioned before that the radio show is on a Summer edition and keeping me company for part of the Summer is Katarina, host of The Cloud on CKCU-FM. This week’s show had a wrap up to The Community Cup.

The playlist from the live show can be seen over at this link. The audio will be posted below.
Here’s the top 10 for July 3, 2013;

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The Wild 10 Countdown for June 26, 2013

Orchestrated Noise - Maestro Fresh Wes

To end off June and to begin Summer, Maestro Fresh Wes takes the top spot to end the month as he released his new album in thirteen years. That’s right! Orchestrated Noise got released this week and there’s been a lot of buzz to the Godfather of Canadian Hip-Hop. The 18 track album has collaborations from the likes of Classified, Chuck D, The Trews, Sam Roberts and opera singer, Measha Bruggergosman. One of the top hits from the album is considered to be catchy and sampled from the great Canadian, Blue Rodeo. It’s Reach For The Sky, which features Classified and sampling Try by Blue Rodeo. It’s definitely a terrific album and recommended for your Summer listening. Maestro Fresh Wes also released a music video to this song, Black Trudeau.
The song that takes the top spot this week happens to be History Repeated and it features Montreal rocker, Sam Roberts. The reason for picking that song was that Roberts was in Ottawa for the Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival and I’m still having a good laugh at this video from CBC Music Presents The Beetle Roadtrip Sessions.
The only new entry this week is Lightning Dust as the band released their new album, Fantasy. It’s out this week.
Here’s the top 10.

1. History Repeated – Maestro Fresh Wes featuring Sam Roberts

2. Emeralds Shatter – Louise Burns

3. Sleep – Austra

4. Chasing The Sunset – Imaginary Cities

5. I Love You – Said The Whale

6. Near Enough – Braids

7. In Enemies – Still Life Still

8. Bottom of the Lake – We Are The City

9. Trasher – Hooded Fang

10. Diamond – Lightning Dust

The Wild 10 Countdown for June 19, 2013

Photo by Izabella Rachwal

Photo by Izabella Rachwal

This is the post-NXNE edition as I had a great time in Toronto. This week’s countdown had some of the acts performing in Toronto for NXNE. Imaginary Cities takes the top spot as Summer begins on Friday and it’s just fitting to officially start Summer with a lovely track. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see them at NXNE as I was at another venue. The new entry is Maestro Fresh Wes as his upcoming album, Orchestrated Noise comes out on June 25th and it’s been a decade since the Godfather of Canadian Hip-Hop has released an album.
Here’s the top 10;
1. Chasing The Sunset – Imaginary Cities
2. Jasper – Louise Burns
3. Barbara-Ann – Said The Whale
4. Reconcile – Austra
5. Genes – Hooded Fang
6. Notebook – Majical Cloudz
7. Near Enough – Braids
8. In Enemies – Still Life Still
9. Black Trudeau – Maestro Fresh Wes
10. Legs Give Out – We Are The City

The Wild 10 Countdown for April 24, 2013

Photo by Vanessa Heins

Photo by Vanessa Heins

As April comes to an end and a co-host leaving (read the main blog), Born Ruffians takes the top spot on the Wild 1o. Birthmarks was released the previous week and it has been getting plays on shows and activity on social media and blogs. The only new entry for this week is Said The Whale as they released a track from their upcoming EP called I Love You.
Got to give a shout out to The Kostanzas from Toronto. They’re an up and coming rock band, so check them. I didn’t expect my departing co-host mentioned the lead singer being on The Strombo Show.
After the top 10, Candice and myself picked out a bunch of new tracks from the likes of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, MGMT and The National as there’s hype and excitement of new materials from these bands.
Here’s the top 10 and the playlist for the podcast.

1. Cold Pop – Born Ruffians
2. New Summer – Young Galaxy
3. Story of the Flood – Chris Ho
4. Blame Fiction – The Belle Game
5. Did Everything I Could – Maylee Todd
6. Destroy – In-Flight Safety
7. Love Your Money – The Kostanzas
8. Jewel – Gold & Youth
9. I Love You – Said The Whale (New entry)
10. Baptism – We Are The City
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The Wild 10 Countdown for April 17, 2013

Chris_Ho_original Lisa Wu

Photo by Lisa Wu

Chris Ho takes the number one spot on the Wild 10 Countdown for this week. The reason for it has been that a particular radio show has been playing his song, Story of the Flood. Myself and co-host, Candice has been hooked on his music. City of Dust was released in January and some of his songs have been getting plays.
The new entries for this week’s countdown are Grounders and The Belle Game. Ritual Tradition Habit by The Belle Game is now released and the band got featured on Rolling Stone. Good on the band in getting some exposure.
Young Galaxy was number one last week on the countdown as their new album, Ultramarine just got released this week.
Here’s the top 10 and other songs played on the podcast;

1. Story of the Flood – Chris Ho
2. Home – Austra
3. Destroy – In-Flight Safety
4. New Summer – Young Galaxy
5. River – The Belle Game (New entry)
6. Baby’s Got It – Maylee Todd
7. Jewel – Gold and Youth
8. Baptism – We Are The City
9. Love Your Money – The Kostanzas
10. Speedboats (David Newfeld Version) – Grounders
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The Wild 10 Countdown for April 10, 2013

This week’s countdown has five new entries. The most for debuts on the countdown in quite awhile. We have the likes of In-Flight Safety, Maylee Todd and We Are The City, while having newcomers, Chris Ho and The Kostanzas.
The reason for The Kostanzas in the countdown as they were on The Strombo Show a few weeks back and it’s fitting to give this up and coming rock band from Toronto some support.
Chris Ho’s album, City of Dust was released in January. The reason he’s on the top 10 as he’s nominated in two categories for Vancouver Island Music Awards and getting airplays on some radio shows.
The number one spot for this week goes to Young Galaxy as their album, Ultramarine will be out in a few week. The band released the single to New Summer and it has a remixed track by Doldrums. The remixed track is used as the number one track for this week.
Without further ado, here’s the top 10 and other songs played on the April 10 podcast for WildWorks.

1. New Summer (Doldrums Remix) – Young Galaxy
2. Home – Austra
3. Jewel – Gold & Youth
4. Anchor Down – Gianna Lauren
5. Doesn’t Make Sense – Chris Ho
6. Destroy – In-Flight Safety
7. At Midnight – The Besnard Lakes
8. Hieroglyphics – Maylee Todd
9. Baptism – We Are The City
10. Love Your Money – The Kostanzas
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